NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Schemes) (10)

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We are NICAS, the National Indoor Climbing Award Schemes.

We deliver progressive incentive schemes for climbing and bouldering that provide a gateway from indoor climbing into a pathway of life-long participation in climbing and mountaineering.

Our aim is to develop climbers through quality coaching

Our role is to provide a lifetime of happy and safe climbing experiences for everyone, and to enable this, we support the hundreds of climbing centres in the British Isles, and further afield, to deliver the best coaching they can to enthuse, inspire and teach climbers from all backgrounds. We want climbing to be accessible, to become a regular sporting habit, and to help climbers fulfil their potential. We provide a structured syllabus for climbers to progress from complete novices to competent, creative, capable climbers and boulderers, and supply training to coaches to help them be the best teachers possible.


Trading Name
NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Schemes)