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International Mountain Leader

This qualification trains and assesses candidates in the skills required to lead parties in mountainous areas, including snow-covered Nordic type terrain of the “middle” mountains but excluding via ferratas, glaciers and terrain requiring alpine techniques. The IML builds on the Mountain Leader qualification, which candidates must hold. To operate professionally outside the UK, IML-holders must be a member of an association such as BAIML.

Working in the EU

In the specific case of the European Union and as a consequence of the UK’s departure from it, there are at least temporary recognition issues in various EU member countries. This is a dynamic situation and individual IMLs, the British Association of International Mountain Leaders (BAIML) and the Union of International Mountain Leader Associations (UIMLA) are all working to resolve these issues. For up to date information go to A valuable reference point in these discussions is that MTUKI’s International Mountain Leader qualification is recognised by the Scottish Qualification Authority at level 10 on its qualification framework.