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Mountain Medicine Course (1 Day)

A one day course of a variety of workshops on Mountain Medicine topics. Each workshop last between 60 and 90 minutes giving the two facilitators time to get to know the group they are teaching and their educational needs. Day one concentrates on Summer Hills and Sunday on White Mountains as themes. Workshop will run several times during the days so delegates have some choice in the rotations. Topics covered will include: Primary survey, Taking a medical history, calling for help in the UK and from abroad. Giving medical information by sat phone. Hand injuries. Bugs and bites and Lyme, Endurance events & hyperthermia, Limb injuries and splinting, Foot care (Gary Gibson) , Remote area dentistry, Medical and first aid kits, Ask the doctor sessions for personal advice. Altitude and Hyperbaric bag use, frostbite, drug use, dealing with car accident en route to the mountains. Joint British Mountaineering Council (BMC) and British Mountain Medicine Society (BMMS) which is currently made up mainly by holders of the UIAA/ICAR/ISMM Diploma of Mountain Medicine. Organised by Dr Sarah Wysling and overseen by Dr David Hillebrandt (2023 - Dr Raj Chatha)