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Date : 08/06/2015

Duration : 5-8 hours

Style : Equals

Type : Quality Mountain Day (QMD)

Weather : Clear - sunny - good visibility

Wind : Moderate Wind

Camping Type :

Nights Camping : 2

Mountains : Kinder Scout

Flagged :


Route - Start Coopers Campsite, picked up the Pennine Way to Jacobs Ladder and Kinder Downfall, left the Pennine Way at the North West edge of Kinder Plateau and followed the Northerly edge of the Kinder Plateau, passed The Edge, Fairbrook Naze, Seal Stones. Kept to the edge until lined with Madwoman's Stones then took a bearing to the stones then another to the South edge of Kinder Plateau. Picked up path to Ringing Roger and back down to Edale via the Nab. Camped overnight at Coopers Campsite.
Weather - Sunny spells with moderate westerly wind
Learning Points - Map reading including relating features on map to locate and navigate. Compass bearings to confirm direction of travel. Navigation on ground with no visible paths. Route planned to take myself away from known ground.
Group - 2 Maria and myself
Camp style - Campsite in Edale - used as base for walking.

Area : Dark Peak

Is situated between Sheffield and Manchester. The underlying rock is Millstone grit which is often exposed at the edge of the higher peat bogs for which the area is famous.


Time Taken : 07:34:31 Distance : 24.2 km Ascent : 999 m Descent : -998 m Avg Speed : 3.32 kmph Moving Speed : 3.34 kmph