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I am a one man band who loves being in the mountains whether its walking, climbing or even camping on an expedition. I am owner of BERWYN MOUNTAINEERING and provide courses for Mountain Training: Hill & Mountain Skills, Rock Skills Introduction & Intermediate, Lowland Leader Award and the Camping Leader as well as being a Tutor for Levels 1 & 2 for the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS). I also am a accredited Duke of Edinburgh Award assessor. Go to www.berwynmountaineering.com to find out more.
Climbing Wall Instructor Training 15/04/2024 Details
Lowland Leader Assessment 20/04/2024 Details
Lowland Leader Training 20/04/2024 Details
Camping Leader Assessment 20/04/2024 Details
Mountain Skills 27/04/2024 Details
Thursday morning option 2: Training and assessing access & environment 05/05/2022 1.00
Mountain Training England/ Mountain Training Cymru National Provider Conference 2022 05/05/2022 1.00
PPE Inspector Course 01/08/2021 2.00
NNAS Tutor Award 05/06/2021 1.00
MTA webinar: Overcoming skill fade (climbing leaders) 22/03/2021 0.25
MTA webinar: Working at a single pitch crag as a Rock Climbing Instructor 15/03/2021 0.25
ABCTT/NICAS/NIBAS Workshop or Seminar (full day) (ABCTT) 11/02/2021 1.00
Tier 1 Induction 11/02/2021 1.00
MTE/MTC Course Directors & Staff update and CPD 23/11/2020 1.00
Course Directors ONLY: The Duke of Edinburgh's Award and Mountain Training; understanding the opportunities - Alan Pashley, DofE North of England 29/07/2020 0.25
Course Directors ONLY: Writing great blogs - Oli Reed, Trail Magazine Editor 28/07/2020 0.25
Environmental awareness in the British mountains; What is ‘Need to know; Nice to know’? - Mike Raine 08/07/2020 0.25
Director & Staff Update Workshop for Walking Leadership and Skills schemes - MTC & MTE - ONLINE 02/07/2020 1.00
This Girl Can...Go Climbing and Walking - a Girlguiding perspective 24/06/2020 0.25
MTA webinar: The environment (hosted by Mike Raine) 23/06/2020 0.25
Outdoor Mental Health: Top Tips for talking about Mental Heath with customers & Why the outdoors is good for you (the evidence) 17/06/2020 0.25
Gamifying training for kids - Jamie Vardy, NICAS/NIBAS Course Director 10/06/2020 0.25
MTA webinar: Thunderstorms (hosted by the Met Office) 29/05/2020 0.25
MTA webinar: Teaching belaying 15/05/2020 0.25
Waterproofing kit - top tips & latest innovations - Mike Vassar, Nikwax 06/05/2020 0.25
Loving Lichens 28/10/2019 0.50
Mountain Training - Course Directors & Staff Workshop 22/11/2018 1.00
Mountain Training - Course Directors & Staff Workshop 21/11/2018 1.00
Rock Skills provider and course tutor induction - MTC and MTE - ALL Rock Skills providers and tutors 21/11/2018 1.00
MTA - MTA CPD Workshop (1/2 day) 20/11/2018 0.50
Bridging the gap between SPA and RCI 28/10/2018 1.00
MTA West Midlands 'End of the Summer' camp, climb and walk. 29/09/2018 1.00
Any - Advanced First Aid (beyond basic 16 hours course) 09/09/2018 1.00
Joint Services - Adventurous Training Course (if relevant to your award) 28/04/2018 1.00
MTA - West Mercia Search & Rescue CPD event 15/10/2017 0.50
Peak Region and North Wales Region twinning event part 2: The Rave at the Rectory 23/09/2017 1.00
FREE SPA refresher evening 14/06/2017 0.50
MTA - MTA CPD Workshop (1/2 day) 09/01/2017 0.50
Staffordshire Search and Rescue day, Plus MTA West Mids Christmas Meal 03/12/2016 0.50
Mountain Rescue - Team training event (half day) 26/06/2016 0.50
Any - Advanced First Aid (beyond basic 16 hours course) 23/03/2016 1.00
Mountain Training Approved Provider - Award Specific 'Refresher' Workshop 17/11/2015 1.00
Good Practice Safety Management Conference - Residential 14/11/2015 2.00
Mountain Training - Observing a Training or Assessment Course 31/10/2015 1.00
NNAS - Providers' Regional Training workshop 10/10/2015 1.00
Games, Activities and Coaching for climbing coaches and instructors 16/09/2015 0.50
BMC FUNdamentals of Climbing 1 05/09/2015 1.00
Mountain Training - Award Scheme Training Course 02/09/2015 2.00
Mountain Training - Award Scheme Training Course 31/05/2015 2.00
Joint Services - Adventurous Training Course (if relevant to your award) 29/05/2015 1.00
Outlook Expeditions - Leader Team Training (2 days) 16/05/2015 1.00
Any - Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable People course 07/11/2014 1.00
South Wales Regional - Indoor climbing training 27/09/2014 1.00
DMM - Factory Tour 17/06/2014 0.50
Any outdoor industry employer - Employer's in-house training event (2 days or more) 17/04/2014 2.00
New Tutor Induction for Hill & Mountain Skills Scheme 16/01/2014 2.00
CPD 16/06/2013 1.00
Outlook Expeditions - Leader Team Training (2 days) 14/06/2013 1.00
Any outdoor industry employer - Employer's in-house training event (full day) 13/03/2011 1.00

I first got into mountaineering when I was in the Army, but had always loved the outdoors even from an early age. I then joined the Army Cadet Force in 2001 & my friend in that organisation soon got me walking with the Adventure Training team. I did my Walking Group Leader Award (WGL) in 2002 & I will never forget the elation of being told that I had passed. I'm sure it kept me awake during the drive home as I kept repeating to myself that "I can lead groups!!!". However I was not content with leaving it there & was quickly pushing for my Summer Mountain Leader Award (ML). I passed this with relative ease as I had been out at least once a week to ensure I passed (as they say in the Army, train hard, fight easy). My next step is the Winter Mountain Leader Award (MLW). I became a Climbing Wall Instructor (CWI) & I have also passed the Rock Climbing Instructor Award (RCI). With my Summer ML I have been lucky to work in some beautiful places both in the UK and abroad in Africa, India, Peru and many other places.
All in all, I can honestly say I love every minute of being in the hills (regardless of the weather) & the fact that I am an instructor means I can pass my knowledge & enthusiasm to other people. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction when I lead people up a mountain for the very first time in the hope that they too will catch the mountaineering bug. I'm also a provider for the Mountain Training Hill & Mountain Skills courses, Lowland Leader Award and the Expedition Skills Module as well as the new Rock Skills courses. I am also a Outdoor Discovery Award (ODA) Provider for the National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS)