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Pre-Season Update on Snow, Avalanches and the Latest Rescue Protocols 30/11/2023 0.25
GPS Navigation for Outdoor Leaders 04/11/2023 1.00
Maintenance and Testing of Avalanche Rescue Devices 24/10/2023 0.25
10. Emergency Ropework for IMLs 26/11/2022 1.00
04. Avalanche Awareness and Transceiver Training 25/11/2022 1.00
Mountain flowers of Snowdonia 29/05/2022 1.00
The Mountain Environment 28/05/2022 1.00
IML Winter Skills Training 21/01/2022 1.00
Avalanche Rescue Training 20/01/2022 1.00
Pre-Season Update on Snow, Avalanches and the Latest Rescue Protocols 20/12/2021 0.25
018. Advanced Navigation Skills 27/11/2021 1.00
Poor Visibility Contour Masterclass 18/11/2021 1.00
AvaLife - Survival Optimized Procedures in Rescue 22/02/2021 0.25
7. Avalanche Awareness & Tranceiver Training 30/11/2019 1.00

I have known Jeremy Colenso for well over a decade. We have climbed together in North Wales on various occasions, and corresponded regularly over many issues concerning accreditation of qualifications in South Africa. Indeed we worked together when South Africa was considering joining the IFMGA - however it transpired that Jeremy was one of the few people in the country who had already completed all the pre-requirements for joining an IFMGA scheme. Among other projects, Jeremy helped me during the production of my text book "The Climbing Handbook". Jeremy is a very conscientious and hard-working individual with an excellent mountaineering background. I have absolutely no doubt that he will make a first class International Mountain Leader.


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