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I have over 2 years experience in the gym environment having qualified as a fitness instructor in 2019.
My journey started in 2018 when I was accepted to run the London Marathon 2019. It was the biggest challenge and goal set of my life. I joined a local gym and signed up with a personal trainer. It was fair to say that my health and fitness at that time was sedentary so I totally understand where you are coming from when it comes to weight loss - I’ve being there myself.
Having gone through a vigorous training programme with my PT both in and out of my sessions and also looking at my own nutrition I managed to lose 7 1/2 stone. With all this achieved I was able to complete my first ever marathon in an amazing time of 4hrs 48 minutes. It was here that I fell in love with the fitness industry and completed my level 2 fitness instructor course and then further on completing my level 3 diploma in personal training.
It’s my mission to help you achieve your goals both physically and mentally in a sustainable way, I guarantee you will
Find my sessions hard work and rewarding but also fun and engaging at the same time - my mission is to educate and coach you into a healthier lifestyle.
It’s not just my job to show you how to do an exercise but it’s also my job to educate you on why we are doing that exercise and the benefits it will have on your health and fitness.
Whether you are a beginner or not together we can achieve the lifestyle you want to lead.
HIITSTEP Instructor Course 28/02/2021 1.00
CIMSPA Endorsed CPD 09/11/2020 10.00