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AMI CPD - Short roping workshop 12/06/2022 1.00
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Peak District Regional Day 31/01/2015 1.00
Mountain Rescue - Team training event (half day) 19/07/2014 0.50
Mountain Rescue - Team training event (full day) 12/07/2014 1.00
Mountain Rescue - Team training event (full day) 14/06/2014 1.00
Any outdoor industry employer - Employer's in-house training event (2 days or more) 02/02/2014 2.00

I grew up in care and through social services in an environment where the outdoors was not something that i think any of use really knew about however i always had passion for being outdoors and soon as I could I left the care system and joined the Army. Since spending some time in the forces and leaving in 2012 i have always had a real love for the mountains. After spending some time away working over seas I took a job in Jaguar land rove which lasted 8 hours after realising very quickly that I did not want to be stuck in an office environment where the culture, passion and ethics just did not fit in with me.
It was 2 days before I left that job that i had booked on to a Hill and Mountain skills course and I guess really for me where it all kicked off after doing the course at the end I asked John cousins who was moderating the course " How do I do what you lads are doing " From that point forward I have been on an amazing journey 3 days after the course i moved to central Scotland where worked at Cotswolds outdoors spending 3 days in the shop and 3 days out on the mountains gaining my QMDS 12 months later I sat and passed my ML assessment.
During that consolidation i started to climb and meet some amazing people who where just as up for some big days as I was. As soon as I had done my ML assessment I booked to do the MCI training. The course provided me with some great feed back made me look at being in the mountains every differently and enhanced pschye for being in the mountains.
Since then I have been lucky to climb, walk and run all other the country and the alp. My hope is that in 2021 I will be able to sit my assessement and pass the MCI award