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-------- Jobs held--------
---The Ledge Climbing Gym and Charity, Inverness, Scotland ---
- Chief Instructor
---Freelance Instructor ---
- Climbing and Mountaineering Instructor - UK - Various
- Mountain Leader - UK - Various
- Climbing Guide and Instructor - Grampians Adventure, The Climbing Company Arapiles and Hanging Out - Australia.
- Senior Group Leader III - Bindaree Outdoor Education Services - Australia.
- Outdoor Education Specialist for Rock Climbing and Mountain Exped. - VC/Swiss Alpine Centre - Switzerland.
---The Beacon Climbing Centre, Caernarfon, Wales ---
- Climbing Instructor
---The Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Education Centre, Tongariro, NZ ---
- Outdoor Educator/Instructor -
MTS Training and Assessing Skills 10/05/2023 2.00
Fall Practice and Mental Training Workshop with Hazel Findlay and Angus Kille 14/12/2022 1.00
Geology - Mountain landscapes & rock types 10/05/2022 0.25
NNAS Tutor Course 07/06/2021 1.00
NNAS Tutor Award 07/06/2021 1.00
AMI creation of an AMI workshop 12/05/2021 1.00
Employer's in-house training event (full day) 19/04/2021 1.00
Employer's in-house training event (2 days or more) 16/03/2021 2.00
Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor 16/10/2020 3.00
Teaching Multi-Pitch Climbing 12/09/2020 1.00
Mountain Training CPD Leadership workshop (for Association members) 24/04/2017 1.00

I bagged my first summit when I was 3, Moel Y Gest in N. Wales, just as it was my mum's first summit when she was a child. Since then I've spent a lot of time in the mountains, at the crag, in the snow, down the rivers, lakes, the sea, in the caves and generally getting out and involved.
I went to University, travelled a while and then got a corporate gig. I became disillusioned with 'the rat race' in 2013 and saw an increasing disconnection with nature, the physical world and with each other and an increasing, unhealthy connection with the digital world. I wanted a different life. I quit my corporate job in early 2014 and have been on a quest for experience, education, qualification and a deeper understanding of how to educate, inspire and empower people to make changes for the better ever since.
My qualifications with MTUK so far have given me a great lifestyle and enabled me to affect positive change in the world through outdoor ed and instruction.
I absolutely love my job and love what the change has meant to me and all around me.