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Cory Jones has been a naturalist and explorer ever since he was a boy. He now works for a range of trekking companies acting as a freelance expedition leader and has lead over 20 trips around the globe - in the Himalaya, South America, Europe and Africa. Cory has crossed the Southern Patagonian Ice Cap (24 days pulling sledges), climbed 6000m peaks in Bolivia, scaled My Kenya, trekking in remote South American jungle, made second ascents in Pakistan and now acts as a mountain and sea kayak leader.
Cory is a trained ecologist and has worked on a number of projects surveying biodiversity in the Philippine rainforest and leading safaris in Africa.
Cory is also the Director of Outdoor First Aid Limited delivering bespoke expedition first aid training and but many will know him as a go to man for providing 16 hours (2 day) outdoor first aid courses for outdoor instructors (climbers, mountain bikers, skiers, paddlers etal!)
www.outdoor-first-aid-courses.com are founders members of the First Aid Training Co-operative (www.firstaidtrainingcooperative.co.uk)
MTA webinar: Ecological adaptations in arctic and alpine plant species within British mountain vegetation 18/06/2020 0.25
Any - First aid (more than normal 2 day requirement) 27/01/2017 1.00
GPS Advanced - Sunday Full Day 04/12/2016 1.00