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At Ian Walby Mountaineering (www.IWMountaineering.co.uk) we offer a wide range of mountaineering activities aimed at providing courses, guiding and training opportunities for all capabilities, from novice through to the more experienced. We can provide courses that help you progress afterwards by yourself or guiding courses where you just soak up and enjoy the experience and atmosphere.
IWM has an ethos of always providing a safe but equally adventurous environment that allows you to have a great experience and challenging time but also to maximise opportunities and learning potential.
Our courses are tailor made allowing us to design and build a course that will enable you to get the most out of your time and also allowing the flexibility throughout the course to adapt it if required.
IWM are mountaineering specialists who also offer a consultancy service and are fully qualified to act as Technical Advisors.
Navigation, Scrambling, Rock Climbing, Technical Self Rescue, Winter Skills, Winter Mountaineering, Ice Climbing, Pre Expedition Training
Geology - Mountain landscapes & rock types 20/06/2022 0.25
Mountain Assurance CRM online learning Full Day 10/06/2022 1.00
Navigating Inclusion in the Outdoors: The Power of Privilege (1 February at 8pm) - How to make a Difference 01/02/2022 0.50
Navigating Inclusion in the Outdoors: Connecting with Communities (12 January at 8pm) - Opening up the Conversation 12/01/2022 0.50
Navigating Inclusion in the Outdoors: Diversity Equals Growth (16 Dec at 8pm) - A Business Imperative 16/12/2021 0.50
Geology - mountain building 30/11/2021 0.25
New Tutor Induction for Hill & Mountain Skills Scheme 14/01/2014 1.00
Lyon Equipment Checks & Testing 04/11/2011 1.00
BMC Coaching Symposium 19/03/2011 1.00
Course Provider, Course Director & Staff Workshop 03/03/2011 1.00