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Date : 24/08/2023

Duration : 5-8 hours

Style : Leader / Supervisor

Type : International Summer Quality Mountain Day

Weather : Clear - sunny - good visibility

Wind : No wind

Camping Type : Valley camp

Nights Camping : 14

Mountains :

Flagged :


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TMD Day 10
A TMD variation using valley camps, 14 days in country 10 days hiking, we had logistical support for camping gear etc meaning we only carried day sacks.
In an environment below 3000 metres, did the day include a height gain of approximately 1,000
metres? Yes 1,469m
In an environment above 3,000 metres did the day include a height gain of approximately 300
metres? N/A
Was the journey a minimum of five hours? Yes
Navigational skills should be used including the use of a map, compass, altimeter or GPS? Yes navigating route using map and checked using GPS as required.
Decision-making about route choice and judgement of terrain? Yes during the day
Planning involving the use of a weather forecast? Checked weather forecast in the evening and morning to make sure route was achievable.
Ascending and/or descending steep broken ground? Yes, steep paths encountered during the day
Negotiating sections of fixed equipment and/or small sections of snow as part of the normal
mountain journey? Yes some cables and chains heading up to Refuge Bellachat.
Appreciating the environment and increasing one’s environmental knowledge? Looking at the flora and identify plants, mostly common to those seen in the UK.
Hiked from the campsite to Brevant - again one of the group struggled so managed to get her up to Refuge Bellachat then onto Brevant as better option to heading back down. at Brevant took cable car down to Chamonix and bus back to campsite.

Area : France


Time Taken : 06:25:19 Distance : 12.63 km Ascent : 1535.4 m Descent : -120.2 m Avg Speed : 2.21 kmph Moving Speed : 2.21 kmph