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My work as an Mountain Instructor & International Mountain Leader has involved training others in the many aspects of living, working & generally moving safely in hazardous environments. This work has taken to all parts of the globe including the Antarctic, the Himalayas, the European Alps, South America & most of Africa to name a few, generally working as a guide and/or a safety advisor. The work has always provided me with high levels of involvement and across many aspects of working in remote environments, including working with UK governement science agencies, oil industry projects as well as school related work both in the UK and overseas
I am a self employed freelance instructor and business advisor, based in the UK, with both management and accountancy experience. Currently I am also the Treasurer for the Association of Mountaineering Instructors and a Trustee to the Charity, promoting;

1. The advancement of mountaineering education (including training);
2. The promotion of good health and well being and the saving of lives; and
3. The promotion of equality and diversity.
This has been an extremely rewarding role and has opened up many new avenues of knowledge and interests.
One of my other passions has led me into the role of Comminucations Officer for the Cumbria branch of the Trail Riders Fellowship promoting responsible trail riding in the Lake District and surrounding areas.

My remaining time is taken up at home in the Lake District, guiding, training & generally getting out into the outdoors as much as possible.
Teaching Dry Tooling - Half Day pm 15/01/2017 0.50
AMI Safety Seminar - 9am - 1pm 15/01/2017 1.00
BAIML - BAIML CPD (full day core) 28/11/2015 1.00
Any outdoor industry employer - Employer's in-house training event (2 days or more) 20/11/2015 2.00
Any outdoor industry employer - Employer's in-house training event (full day) 03/10/2015 1.00
Any - Offsite Safety Management course 01/02/2015 1.00
MIC Training 01/03/2011 2.00

I have worked in the Outdoor Industry for nearly 20 years. Climbing and hillwalking were my early passions, these became my work in 1996. I am self employed and happy to work in most fields of the outdoors with a passion for instruction and leading.
This work has taken me to all seven continents, where I have led trekking, climbing & mountaineering trips around the globe for a lot of the major companies. I have also planned and run trips of my own in Europe which included climbing and scrambling courses.
For the last few years I have been the Treasurer for the Association of Mountaineering Instructors which has helped me to achieve a greater understanding of the professional mountaineering world as well as develop some strong friendships.
Climbing, caving, motorbikes, books and history all play a part in my interests as does travel.