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For many years I worked in outdoor centres through out the South-West of England as an outdoor instructor in different activities including kayaking and sailing. After specialising in rock climbing I started guiding on expeditions around the world on many six and seven thousand meter peaks.
I now live year round in the Chamonix valley, mountaineering in the summer and skiing during the winter. I am a passionate Ski tourer and ski mountaineer and am a member of the British Ski Mountaineering team, competing at an international level around the alps through out the winter.
British Mountain Guide Alpine Assessment 28/07/2024 Details
British Mountain Guide Summer Rock Assessment 15/09/2024 Details
AGM CPD - Sunday. Risk Management 03/12/2023 1.00
AGM CPD - Saturday. Media training 02/12/2023 0.50
BMG Trainer event 01/12/2023 1.00
Guide Medic 13/12/2022 1.00
BMG CPD - Recyclage 18/10/2021 3.00
BMG CPD - Ski Crevasse Rescue / Communications Workshop 15/10/2020 1.00
Risk Management Seminar 2019 10/11/2019 1.00
BASI Level 4 International Ski Teacher - Alison Thacker 29/12/2018 1.00
Alaun Duclo Avalanche training 08/12/2018 1.00
BMG CPD Ski Day 29/12/2017 1.00
PGHM Helicopter Base and Glacier Travel/Crevasse Rescue 01/07/2017 1.00
IFMGA Avalanche workshop 14/12/2016 1.00
Avatech/Avanet Training Course 14/12/2015 1.00
Ski Coaching with Alison Culshaw 06/01/2014 2.00