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I love the process of figuring out my client's motivations and aims in their climbing, looking at ways they can improve their technique, physical performance as well as tactics and the mental side. I use every aspect of my training (Mountain & Climbing Instructor and Development coach), as well as what I've learnt through 15+ years of coaching, life and my own climbing to get the best out of my clients.
I work both indoors and outdoors, since we need both to practise exercises, training and technique to allow us to see changes in our climbing. I live in Sheffield working out of all the climbing walls there and also the Peak District, which offers a lifetime of both limestone sport climbing, and gritsone trad climbing and bouldering.
I am also a provider for the Mountain Training Coach Award Scheme Foundation and Development courses and the BMC FUNdamentals courses. All of these courses are for coaches and instructors who want to improve their coaching skills.
Development Coach Training 02/11/2020 Details
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I was about 11 the first time I went climbing. That was on Idwal Slabs in North Wales. Coming from the West Midlands, there weren't many opportunities to go climbing outside and so I stored up in my mind that I would take the next opportunity that came my way. That arrived in the form of Leeds University climbing club. From then on my life changed. Since then I've enjoyed every aspect of the sport including trad climbing, sport climbing, bouldering and competing for team GB. It's taken me all round the world and stand out places to climb for me are Arapiles in Australia, the Needles in California USA and sport climbing in the south of France. When I figured out that there was a way to make climbing my career I've really never looked back.