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For nearly 20 years I have climbed all over the UK and Europe, including the French Alps and Polish Tatra and various trips to Spain for sport climbing. In that time, I have been introducing and instructing people in the sport for at least the last 10 years, starting with when I was at university to now, as a qualified Mountaineering and Climbing instructor. In addition to my outdoor qualifications, I am a qualified teacher of Geography and Science who likes to share knowledge about the mountainous environment. Whether you are looking to learn Multipitch climbing; a guided walk up Tryfan; instruction on map reading or want to learn about the geology of Snowdon, you can be assured of an informative and safe day in the mountains
If you have a particular adventure in mind, feel free to contact me directly.
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I am a qualified Summer ML and SPA and a Geography/Science teacher. It has taken a lot of indecisiveness and time to get where I am but I am glad I pursued what is shaping up to be a fantastic career choice.
I started exploring the Outdoors while at university where I joined the Mountaineering club which I eventually became the President of. After only a few climbing trips I was hooked. I didn't think there was a career in outdoor activities at that point and I had already decided I wanted to be a Teacher (like most Geography undergraduates).
It wasn't until after university, while working in retail, that I started the process of becoming a freelancer by completing the SPA. I got a little bit of work using it but only at indoor climbing centres (can you see the irony?). I decided that the ML award was the most natural progression in to the outdoor office but living in the city wasn't conducive to obtaining it.
So, I moved to North Wales, completed my teaching degree and booked my ML assessment, passed first time and I was working with my own group the week after. This year I'm leading my first overseas expedition to Jordan.
It is a good profession but you have to work just as hard getting work as a freelancer as you do actually working. This is balanced by the fact I am my own boss and I decide when I work and, most importantly, when I do, I'm in the outdoors, or rather I'm out of the indoors!.

I am very happy to endorse and reference Anthony Eccles. We know each other on a personal and professional level and Anthony is very good at looking after these two relationships appropriately so they have grown in very positive steps in the last couple of years. Anthony has worked with RAW Adventures (small company owned by myself and my husband) on numerous occasions, locally in North Wales, with a variety of client groups - including youth, adult, corporate and charity. He is immensely enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his own practice, the outdoors industry in general and can offer advice to novice hillwalkers and industry peers alike. He keeps himself up to date with current news, industry developments and local knowledge which gives him a professional edge. He is always keen to offer himself up for work opportunities and eager to broaden his (already) breadth of work experience. I like working with Anthony and his relaxed approach and willingness to assist is always noted.


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