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Oliver is a keen outdoor enthusiast and mountaineering instructor. He has worked throughout the UK from Snowdonia and the Lake District to the Highlands. He now makes his home in Gairloch in the North West Highlands and is a joint director of Climb Torridon Ltd with his partner Scarlet.
When not working he can be found exploring the mountains, cliffs, coasts and waters of the Highlands and further afield. He's climbed previously unclimbed peaks in Greenland and made first ascents in Morocco as well as many trips to the Alps and crags of Europe. When not climbing he enjoys cooking and spending time with Scarlet and his two young daughters.
Climb Torridon Ltd is a friendly guiding business based in the North West Highlands offering guided mountaineering, rock and winter climbing as well as instructional courses.

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I've loved the outdoors since I was a child, enjoying walks with my parents along the coasts and over the moorlands of Devon and Cornwall. Once I left for University I discovered a love for climbing as well. This has taken me all over the UK and Europe.
In 2010 I decided I could no longer face spending the rest of my life in an office despite enjoying the work and signed up to the Mountain Leader Award. This and my personal experiences with friends, at work, and at the university club enabled me to get onto the Centre Assistant Scheme at Plas Y Brenin where I worked through the other awards and skills required to become a full time instructor.
I enjoy helping others safely discover the outdoors and wild places for themselves.

Ollie is a great person to be out on the hill with; measured, confident and reassuringly calm. He is always fun to climb with, regardless of the season, route or style, and his enthusiasm for the sport of mountaineering shines through when he is teaching others the skills to get out and about in the mountains.I always feel confident that Ollie will make safe and sensible decisions, regardless of what might be going on around him in terms of group or weather.His demeanor soothes everyone with him, even in potentially stressful situations.


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