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Freelance Mountain Leader, Expedition Leader and partner in Striding Ahead LLP. I have my own insurance, ITC First Aid, transport, hair and teeth...
Qualification Training Course (max. 1 day in length) 07/02/2024 0.50
FREE Night Navigation workshop 06/12/2023 0.50
Employer's in-house training event (1/2 day/evening) 13/01/2023 0.50
Night Navigation Activity - Peak Region 02/03/2022 0.50
Peer-to-peer MTA day walk - Pike O'Blisco 01/07/2020 1.00
Mental Health for Coaches 27/05/2020 0.50
First Aid for Mental Health 27/05/2019 1.00
FREE Peak Region Night Nav 05/12/2017 0.50
Any approved provider - Mental Health First Aid 24/11/2017 2.00
BMC / MCofS - Winter Skills Lecture Series 21/11/2017 0.25
Ogwen Mountain Rescue Base Visit 17/10/2017 0.50
Plane Wrecks of the SW Peak - the gritstone environment and its aviation history 06/05/2017 1.00
Any approved provider - Environmental workshop - I day 21/04/2017 1.00
BMC / MCofS - Winter Skills Lecture Series 24/11/2016 0.25
Spend a day with the Snowdon Shepherds 09/08/2016 1.00
Peak Region Night Navigation 16/02/2016 0.50
Llanberis Mountain Rescue Base Visit 20/01/2016 0.50
Any - Winter Skills Course (min. 1 day) 18/01/2016 1.00
Expedition Leadership 24/11/2015 1.00
Getting to grips with GPS 17/10/2015 1.00
GPS for beginners 28/03/2015 1.00
Peak District Regional Day 31/01/2015 1.00
Coaching Navigation 09/11/2014 1.00
Geology in the Mountains 08/11/2014 1.00
Contour Masterclass 16/02/2014 1.00
North Wales Regional Group - Night Navigation 07/11/2013 0.50
Mountain Training - Award Scheme Training Course 18/08/2013 2.00
Mountain Leader Summer Steep Ground Refresher 24/07/2013 1.00
Mountain Leader Summer Navigation Refresher 23/07/2013 1.00
Geology for ML's 02/06/2013 1.00
Environment for Mountain Leaders 01/06/2013 1.00
Slick Ropework for ML/Environment for ML's 02/03/2013 1.00
Night Nav via MTA NW 05/01/2013 1.00
Geology of Lakeland 27/11/2011 1.00
Social Media Marketing and Legal Issues for Small Businesses 26/11/2011 1.00
ML Training Course 16/07/2011 2.00

I was able to leave a 30+ year career in banking in 2011 to pursue a career in Freelance Mountain Leading courtesy of a small legacy from a late Uncle. Having walked for many years as a hobby in my spare time I had wanted to make the switch to making it a career for some time and decided to take the plunge after taking part in a couple of overseas Charity Challenge events (Machu Picchu 2010 and Jebel Toubkal 2011)
I did my ML Training at Plas-y-Brenin in 2011 and made the decision to buy into Striding Ahead LLP later the same year. Striding Ahead LLP was established in 2005 and I have known the other partner in the business for a number of years; he approached me after leaving the bank to ask if I wanted to join them.
Since early 2012 therefore I have been jointly leading Groups in many different areas and in addition adding my own QMD's and attending MTA courses and refreshers, finally obtaining my ML(S) qualification in early 2014.
I now undertake Freelance Leading work for other companies - in the U.K. and overseas - as well as continuing to work as a Freelance Leader under the Striding Ahead LLP name with our existing, regular clients.
As George Eliot once wrote - "You are never too old to be who you might have been"...!

Since meeting Ian at a MTA Conference in 2011, we have stayed in touch professionally and personally and, since Ian obtained his Summer Mountain Leader Award in 2014, we have worked together on a number of RAW Adventures' organised events. Having Ian on board, looking after clients and working diligently to uphold their safety and general happiness, is an absolute pleasure and he is nothing short of 100% professional, courteous, enthusiastic and extremely competent in his Mountain Leader role. I also think this stems greatly from his own experience in industry, and being relate to other adults in an appropriate manner - whatever the situation - and his own experience of being a 'client' on organised walks. He understands greatly the needs of his group, as a Mountain Leader. Ian obviously loves walking in the hills and mountains of this country, and overseas, and I wouldn't be surprised if he chooses to venture towards training for the International Mountain Leader award. Ian has an upbeat attitude which serves him well in challenging conditions on the mountain - for both his group and his staff team working around him. It's always great fun being around Ian on the hill.


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