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I enjoy trekking, cycling, skiing and climbing and have done for the last 20 years. Despite these being my hobbies in the past, I get great pleasure trekking with those that are new to hiking and imparting my knowledge of safe travel, flora and fauna when in the mountains.
Winter Skills for the IML - 2 days 06/01/2024 2.00
Maintenance and Testing of Avalanche Rescue Devices 24/10/2023 0.25
Chris Walker Memorial Trust - Avalanche Awareness Training Webinar 13/10/2023 1.00
Cold water Immersion and Hypothermia 13/06/2023 0.25
Leave no trace - Awareness Course 27/03/2023 1.00
Working Abroad for IMLs 27/02/2023 0.25
Non-Verbal Leadership for Outdoor Professionals 04/02/2023 1.00
“The Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth – a practical and in depth look into Rights of Way Law and Responsibilities” 11/12/2022 1.00
Social Media Marketing 06/12/2022 0.50
27. Advanced Navigation Skills 27/11/2022 1.00
10. Emergency Ropework for IMLs 26/11/2022 1.00
01. Below and Beyond. Exploratory WW Kayaking in Peru - Jon 'Spike' Green 25/11/2022 0.25
04. Avalanche Awareness and Transceiver Training 25/11/2022 1.00
02. Question and Answer session 25/11/2022 0.25
Trees in Winter 15/11/2022 1.00
Pre-Season Update on Snow, Avalanches and the Latest Rescue Protocols 20/12/2021 0.25
Night Navigation 27/10/2021 0.50
First Aid for Mental Health 21/05/2021 1.00
NNAS Tutor Award 26/04/2021 1.00
Hypothermia & Frostbite - Information for IMLs 27/01/2021 0.50
Client Avalanche Rescue Training in 15 minutes 22/01/2021 0.25
BAIML AGM 2020 05/12/2020 0.50
High Altitude - Physiology & Medical Problems 18/11/2020 0.50
32. Fixed Equipment and Rope Work 01/12/2019 1.00
8. Scrambling Skills 30/11/2019 1.00
3. IML Practical Winter Skills 29/11/2019 0.50
Snow & Avalanche Matters 15/11/2019 1.00
Glaciation in the Upland Environment 22/09/2019 1.00
BAIML Workshops - Convivial & functional French 11/06/2019 0.50
Upland Bird ID - Dartmoor 26/05/2019 0.50
AAA Level 2 09/02/2019 2.00
Night Navigation 05/12/2018 0.50
Extreme Weather - Sunday Half Day Workshop - AM 25/11/2018 0.50
French for IMLs - Sunday Half Day Workshop - PM 25/11/2018 0.50
Intermediate Geology - Saturday Full Day Workshop 24/11/2018 1.00
Rigging Tyroleans – The Fundamentals 23/09/2018 1.00
FREE Night Navigation 21/03/2018 0.50
Level 1 - Avalanche Fundamentals 19/12/2017 1.00
FREE Night Navigation and Social in Devon 13/12/2017 0.50
SOUTH WEST CPD DAY - Archaeology & Ecology (morning session) 23/09/2017 0.50
South West region - Night Navigation evening 27/01/2016 0.50
South West region - Night Navigation evening 20/01/2016 0.50

I’m a fully qualified International Mountain Leader and UK Summer Mountain Leader and an Aspirant UK Winter Mountain Leader. I’m a full member of BAIML (British Association of International Mountain Leaders) and the MTA (Mountain Training Association).
A little bit more about me, I was a bit of a latecomer to the outdoors, although holidays with my parents and sister usually involved trips to Yorkshire and other parts of the UK, the walks were short and on good paths.
When I was 16 I joined BT as an apprentice and the normal induction for apprentices was a week on an “Outward Bounds” course. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the camping, abseiling, walking and canoeing on the Isle of Purbeck, it took me another 8 years before I finally joined a Mountaineering Club and started climbing and walking all over the UK and overseas.
Since joining a Mountaineering Club, I have constantly sought to improve my outdoor skills. In 2008 a friend and I booked onto an International School of Mountaineering (ISM) Alpinism course, and a love of Alpine climbing was born (added to my addiction to skiing which started in 1991). Since 2009 I’ve used the services of Andy Perkins (whose photo of me you can see in my profile picture) a British Mountain Guide based in Chamonix.
Although I've walked, climbed and trekked across the UK and overseas for the last 20 years, I took my Mountain Leader Summer qualification in 2016 and then followed that with the International Mountain Leader qualification which I passed in 2018. I currently freelance as a Mountain Leader in the UK and hope to use my International Mountain Leader in the next year.