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I have been actively climbing for over 20 years and have remained current throughout. I enjoy climbing in all its forms from bouldering through to mountaineering and altitude work and have put up over 60 first ascents in the UK. I love coaching movement and seeing progression but equally enjoy seeing people excited whilst being "out there" on a big route. I currently provide Mountain Leader, Climbing Wall Instructor, Climbing Wall Development Instructor, Rock Climbing Instructor, Lowland Leader, Hill/Mountain Skills, Hill and Moorland Leader and the Expedition Module for Mountain Training. I offer Technical Advice for Climbing and Coasteering Activities, Route setting and staff training as well as traditional classic guiding and expedition work.
I am available for Activities, Training or Consultancy for Climbing , Walking, Surfing, Kayaking or Coasteering . Please contact me with any details of your requirements for training, advice or courses.
I can provide all of Mountain Training England's awards as well as running Winter Skills courses and Spanish climbing trips. I am also happy to provide any refresher training for any of these awards.
Lowland Leader Training 23/07/2024 Details
Lowland Leader Training 23/07/2024 Details
Climbing Wall Development Instructor Training 24/07/2024 Details
Climbing Wall Development Instructor Training 24/07/2024 Details
Climbing Wall Instructor Training 25/07/2024 Details
What can we do about Climate Change? - Alps focused. Effective action for outdoor guides and guiding companies 25/06/2024 0.25
05. Trainee Avalanche Update 06/01/2024 1.00
Coaching Provider workshop 06/12/2023 06/12/2023 1.00
Making Menopause Matter - 1023 14/11/2023 0.25
Maintenance and Testing of Avalanche Rescue Devices 24/10/2023 0.25
Chris Walker Memorial Trust - Avalanche Awareness Training Webinar 14/10/2023 1.00
ABC Conference AMI CPD 14/09/2023 1.00
Assessment and feedback skills for MTE providers 19/06/2023 0.50
12. DMM Demo / Equipment testing - Saturday AM (0423) 22/04/2023 0.50
15. Rab Clothing - Testing kit. Saturday PM (0423) 22/04/2023 0.50
Using the Power of Social Media 14/03/2023 0.50
Course Directors and Staff Update Workshop for Rock Climbing Development Instructor - MTE/MTC 08/12/2022 1.00
Coaching Provider Workshop 07/12/2022 1.00
AMI Peer-led Bouldering best practice CPD 02/06/2022 1.00
25. High Ropes Rescue Training 24/04/2022 1.00
Client Avalanche Rescue Training in 15 minutes 22/01/2021 0.25
High Altitude - Physiology & Medical Problems 14/11/2020 0.50
Environmental awareness in the British mountains; What is ‘Need to know; Nice to know’? - Mike Raine 08/07/2020 0.25
MTE/C Provider CPD: Listening Skills 22/06/2020 0.25
MTE/C Provider CPD: Listening Skills 22/06/2020 0.25
AMI CPD - Technical Adviser Workshop via Zoom 15/06/2020 1.00
MTE/C Provider CPD: Questioning Skills 15/06/2020 0.25
MTE/C Provider CPD: Questioning Skills 15/06/2020 0.25
Gamifying training for kids - Jamie Vardy, NICAS/NIBAS Course Director 10/06/2020 0.25
MTE/C Provider CPD: Goal Setting 08/06/2020 0.25
MTE/C Provider CPD: Goal Setting 08/06/2020 0.25
MTE/C Provider CPD: Giving Feedback 01/06/2020 0.25
MTE/C Provider CPD: Giving Feedback 01/06/2020 0.25
Accident prevention and risk management in our brave new world 20/05/2020 0.25
Director & Staff Update Workshop for Walking Leader schemes - ONLINE 19/05/2020 1.00
Mountain weather 07/05/2020 0.50
Waterproofing kit - top tips & latest innovations - Mike Vassar, Nikwax 06/05/2020 0.25
Director & Staff Update Workshop for Climbing Instructor schemes - ONLINE 30/04/2020 1.00
Geology - mountain building 07/04/2020 0.25
Geology - Mountain landscapes & rock types 07/04/2020 0.25
Mountain Destruction 07/04/2020 0.25
Coaching Provider Workshop 28/11/2019 1.00
Mountain Training Coaching Scheme Provider & Course Director Induction 26/06/2019 1.00
Indoor Climbing Assistant provider and course director induction - MTC and MTE 15/05/2019 1.00
Rock Climbing Development Instructor Course Director Induction 09/05/2019 1.00
Night Navigation 09/01/2019 0.50
Rock Skills provider and course tutor induction - MTC and MTE - ALL Rock Skills providers and tutors 06/12/2018 1.00
MORNING - Problem solving 03/05/2018 0.50
Assessing and Feedback 01/10/2017 0.50
BMC Coaching Children workshop 30/06/2017 1.00
BMC FUNdamentals of Climbing 3 29/06/2017 1.00
BMC Physical Training for Climbing 1 28/06/2017 1.00
BMC Route Setting workshop 27/06/2017 1.00
Director & Staff Update Workshop for Climbing Leadership Awards - MTC & MTE 19/05/2017 1.00
Winter Short Roping Trainee - Full Day 15/01/2017 1.00
RAB Clothing - Full Day 14/01/2017 1.00
FREE Night Navigation and Social in Devon 14/12/2016 0.50
Intro to Glacial Travel and Simple Crevasse Rescue - Saturday Full Day 03/12/2016 1.00
Role of the Technical Advisor 09/06/2016 1.00
RAB Outdoor Clothing workshop- Morning Workshop 17/01/2016 0.50
Winter Short Roping Update 16/01/2016 1.00
American Avalanche Association - Level One 30/12/2015 1.00
Provider Update Workshop for MTE Walking Leadership Awards 19/06/2015 1.00
AMI - AGM Workshops (half day) 10/01/2015 0.50
Mountain Day - Making Choices 10/01/2015 1.00
BMC FUNdamental's of Climbing 3 19/11/2014 1.00
Lowland Leader Induction 06/06/2014 1.00
Mountain Training - Award Scheme Training Course 13/03/2014 2.00
Avalanche Awareness 08/02/2014 1.00
New Tutor Induction for Hill & Mountain Skills Scheme 14/01/2014 1.00
Provider & Course Staff Workshop 20/09/2013 1.00

I first got into climbing at an early age when my Uncle took me on forays to Baggy Point and Portland. Then after a few other encounters with great people on fantastic routes got heavily into it. I have climbed and mountaineered all over the world ever since. I have a passion for all areas of climbing from bouldering to altitude trekking and love the solitude and camaraderie of the Mountains.
I am a provider for Mountain Training and run the Rock Climbing Instructor award (RCI), Climbing Wall Instructor award (CWI), Climbing Wall Development Instructor (CWDI), Rock Climbing Development Instructor (RCDI), Hill/Mountain skills (HMS), Lowland Leader (LoLA), Hill and Moorland Leader (HML), Mountain Leader courses (ML) and the Coaching Schemes (FdC and DC), I also work for the BMC and provide FUNdamental 1 to 3 courses. I also deliver MIAS courses and run level one and two Mountain Biking courses. I am also a keen surfer, snowboarder and photographer. I run many courses for many activities and as well as my climbing work I offer Technical Advice for Climbing, Surfing and Coasteering.

Mark is a technically very competent instructor and lecturer. I have worked with him on courses and have always been very impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm. I am also aware of his work for AMI and that he is committed to both mountaineering/rock climbing and mountain training in all forms. I would not hesitate to ask Mark to work for or alongside me if the fortunate occasion arose.


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  • Indoor climbing
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I have known Mark for a number of years, both in a professional and a social capacity. We have spent many hours together, floating in the ocean (coasteering/surfing), dangling off cliffs and crags (including new routing in the Southwest), and exploring the British hills (i.e. wandering around the Cairngorm plateau in a whiteout). The fact that I am still willing to do so is testament to Mark's easy going and jovial manner. As a qualified Mountaineering Instructor and Mountain Leader, Mark's knowledge and personal experience is vast. Because of this. He is able to instil his love of the outdoors and wild places in others. Through his work within various educational establishments, he has inspired many young people to venture into the outdoors and pursue careers in the Outdoor Industry. Several have gone on to climb extensively around the world (including making an ascent of the North Tower of Paine), while others have become Glacier Guides in Iceland. His work in delivering NCFE programmes and mentoring NCFE candidates has given Mark the opportunity to hone his coaching skills. This, coupled with his coaching experience from other sports (surfing) and as a Provider for both Mountain Training courses, and the BMC FUNDamentals programme, I am certain that Mark will prove to be an excellent Climbing Coach.


  • Hill walking
  • Indoor climbing
  • Rock climbing
  • Winter walking
  • Winter climbing
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