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Mark Garland 22759


Phone 07973 910 120

Location Bideford Devon GB

Email mark70garland@googlemail.com

Website www.vortexventures.co.uk

SPA - Training 22/01/2018 Details
SPA - Training 24/01/2018 Details
CWA - Assessment 24/01/2018 Details
LLA - Assessment 31/01/2018 Details
SPA - Training 12/02/2018 Details
Assessing and Feedback 01/10/2017
BMC Coaching Children workshop 30/06/2017
BMC FUNdamentals of Climbing 3 29/06/2017
BMC Physical Training for Climbing 1 28/06/2017
BMC Route Setting workshop 27/06/2017

I first got into climbing at an early age when my Uncle took me on forays to Baggy Point and Portland. Then after a few other encounters with great people on fantastic routes got heavily into it. I have climbed and mountaineered all over the world ever since. I have a passion for all areas of climbing from bouldering to altitude trekking and love the solitude and camaraderie of the Mountains.
I am a provider for MT and run SPA, CWA, CWLA, Hill/Mountain skills, Lowland Leader and Mountain Leader courses, I also work for the BMC and provide FUNdamental courses. I am also a keen surfer, snowboarder and photographer. I run many courses for many activities and as well as my climbing work I run a coasteering business.

I have been actively climbing for over 20 years and have remained current throughout. I enjoy climbing in all its forms from bouldering through to mountaineering and altitude work and have put up over 60 first ascents in the UK. I love coaching movement and seeing progression but equally enjoy seeing people excited whilst being "out there" on a big route. I currently provide ML, CWA, CWLA, SPA, LoLA, Hill/Mountain Skills and the Expedition Module for Mountain Training. I offer Technical Advice for Climbing and Coasteering Activities, Route setting and staff training as well as traditional classic guiding and expedition work.
I am available for Activities, Training or Consultancy for Climbing , Walking, Surfing, Kayaking or Coasteering . Please contact me with any details of your requirements for training, advice or courses.
I can provide SPA, CWA, CWLA, LWLA, Hill/Mountain skills, Expedition Module and ML training and assessments. I am also happy to provide any refresher training for any of these awards.