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Andy is a Full-time Instructor backed by over 30 years as a Teacher (GTCS Registered), member of Mountain Rescue Scotland (former Team Training Officer) and in his early years as a centre Instructor.
Teaching Scrambling - AMI Full member CPD 11/11/2022 1.00
Team training event (full day) 12/03/2021 1.00
Advanced First Aid (2 or more days beyond basic 16 hour) 10/03/2021 2.00
Team training event (evening) 02/03/2021 0.25
MTS Invited Attendees Only: Mountain Training Walking Qualifications Proposed Leadership Competencies 26/01/2021 0.50
Course Directors & Staff Workshop 17/11/2020 1.00
Learning about Lichens 21/02/2020 0.50
PPE Inspection for Mountain Rescue 13/12/2019 2.00
FUNdamental 2 01/12/2019 1.00
NNAS Tutor Award 23/11/2019 1.00
NNAS Tutor's Award 22/11/2019 1.00
AMI Technical Advisers workshop 06/04/2019 1.00
Emergency First Aid 15/03/2019 1.00
Working on Ben Nevis 19/12/2017 1.00
AMI Safety Seminar 22/05/2017 1.00
Night Navigation in Central Scotland (Tutor-led) 16/02/2017 0.50
DMM Demo/ Equipment Testing - Half Day am 14/01/2017 0.50
Winter Weather - Half Day pm 14/01/2017 0.50
Any - First Aid Trainer course 02/04/2016 1.00
No Vestige of a Beginning, No prospect of an End. A geological and geomorphological tour of Holyrood Park, Edinburgh 26/08/2015 0.50
MTS ML and HML Award Workshop 26/07/2015 1.00
Institute for Outdoor Learning - Approved CPD Event (full day) 02/04/2015 1.00
Teaching Winter Climbing 11/01/2015 1.00
Mountain Rescue - Team training event (full day) 07/09/2014 1.00
Scottish Avalanche Information Service - Avalanche awareness training course 19/01/2014 1.00
Mountain Rescue - Team training event (full day) 12/01/2014 1.00
BMC / MCofS - FUNdamentals of Climbing 1 12/06/2013 1.00
Any - Advanced First Aid (beyond basic 16 hours course) 09/12/2012 1.00
Standard Operating Procedures 15/11/2011 1.00
Coasteering.2: in the rock and water environment of the tidal zone 16/10/2011 1.00
Coasteering 1: in the rock and water environment of the tidal zone 15/10/2011 1.00
First Aid 21/01/2011 0.25
Revision of Short Roping 01/02/2009 1.00
AMI - AMI Full Member CPD 31/01/2009 1.00

Trading as Outdoor Adventure Scotlnd, I have been working as an Instructor and GTCS registered teacher for over 30 years, from outdoor centres to schools and now working freelance. My work takes me across the mountains and hills of Scotland and I most enjoy providing special experiences for small groups as we explore and learn from our journeys together. Apart from my climbing and scrambling courses, primarily in Glencoe, Torridon and on Skye, I partner ‘Mountain Aid.org’ in providing accessible low-cost training and a range of mountain skills services for ‘The Outdoors and The People’. I also have special comtracts leading bespoke groups for ‘Steven Fallon Mountain Guiding’ and ‘Adventure Peaks’.
As a teacher and member of Scottish Mountain Rescue with OchilsMRT, where I have been a former Training Officer, I understnd the difficulties folk can have learning & practising naviagtion and on my courses, I use my experience of learning styles to enable every course participant to develop their confidence with navigation and demystify what to some is a ‘black art’ and this goes for all my mountaineering work, whoever you are!
Courses can be booked from my website and even better is to have me create a tailor-made course for you and your friends. Just ask!