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Derek Bain 53041

Membership Mountain Training Association

Membership Type Course Director Member

Membership Number 53041

Renewal Date 27/08/2024

I live in Aviemore and work for Glenmore Lodge as a Senior Instructor. I also occasionally provide mountaineering and hill skills training throughout Scotland. I hold the MIC and I am a member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors. I am a course director of Summer and Winter ML, MIA and MIC. I also run trainee MIA and MIC workshops for AMI. I am passionate about British mountaineering and love to inspire and nurture folk through their outdoor careers. Please feel free to contact me should you have any queries about bespoke training.
Mountain Leader Assessment 02/10/2023 Details
Mountain Leader Training 16/10/2023 Details
Mountain Leader Assessment 23/10/2023 Details
International Mountain Leader Summer Training 30/10/2023 Details
Mountain Leader Training 30/10/2023 Details
Winter ML Provider and staff seminar 01/12/2022 0.50
AMI CPD - Orienteering and Navigation Coach 27/04/2022 1.00
AMI CPD - Dumnaglass Shooting Estate with the Manager and Head Keeper 25/04/2022 1.00
MTS Mountain Training Leadership and decision making course staff induction 09/10/2021 1.00
MTS Invited Attendees Only: Mountain Training Walking Qualifications Proposed Leadership Competencies 26/01/2021 0.50
Course Directors & Staff Workshop 17/11/2020 1.00
Course Directors & Staff Workshop 14/12/2019 1.00
Gaming Approach to Coaching 10/12/2019 1.00
Mountain Training Scotland RCDI Provider and Course Director Induction 01/04/2019 2.00
MTS Winter ML provider, Course Director and staff Seminar 15/12/2018 1.00
Avalanche Update 06/12/2018 1.00
Coaching Movement and Decision Making - A Gaming Approach 05/12/2018 1.00
Mountain Training Scotland Climbing Schemes Provider and Course Director Seminar (including new Indoor Asst Induction) 31/10/2018 1.00
NNAS Tutor Award Training and Assessment 23/04/2018 1.00
NNAS Tutor Award 23/04/2018 1.00
Chris Walker Trust Avalanche Workshop 16/02/2018 1.00
MTS All Provider, Course Director and staff seminar 18/11/2017 1.00
MTUK Provider workshop MIA 25/04/2017 1.00
Winter Mountain Leader MTS Provider, Course Director and staff Update 14/12/2016 1.00
Winter ML Provider and Course Director Seminar 05/12/2015 1.00
Mts Hill And Mountain Skills Tutor Induction 06/04/2014 1.00
Lowland Leader Provider/Director Induction 05/04/2014 1.00
Winter ML Award Seminar Glenmore Lodge 18/12/2012 1.00
MLTS Seminar 03/12/2011 1.00