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Joby Davis 55301

Membership Mountain Training Association

Membership Type Full Member

Membership Number 55301

Renewal Date 01/04/2020

Membership AMI

Membership Type Full Member

Membership Number 956

Renewal Date 31/03/2020

Phone 07979 860 281

Email davisjoby@hotmail.com

Website www.jobymawdavis.co.uk

I am an experienced and very current MIC.
I run a range of CWI, CWDI and RCI courses - with dates running every month. I also provide the Coaching Award scheme.
I provide technical advice to all aspects of the outdoor fraternity, with references available on request, and am a NICAS and NIBAS Technical expert, and part of the Coaching Development Team.
Climbing Wall Instructor Training 02/09/2019 Details
Climbing Wall Instructor Training 07/09/2019 Details
Climbing Wall Instructor Assessment 12/09/2019 Details
AMI Technical Advisers workshop 06/04/2019 1.00
Coaching Provider Workshop 29/11/2018 1.00
Rock Skills provider and course tutor induction - MTC and MTE - ALL Rock Skills providers and tutors 21/11/2018 1.00
Indoor Climbing Assistant provider and course director induction - MTC and MTE 09/11/2018 1.00
MTA West Midlands 'End of the Summer' camp, climb and walk. 29/09/2018 1.00