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Will it hold? Assessing gear placements 07/08/2023 1.00
Outdoor Dry Tooling- Personal Climbing and Coaching Development Day 12/11/2022 1.00
Getting the best of Milestone Buttress 20/09/2022 1.00
AMI CPD - Winter Short Roping 31/01/2022 2.00
Mountain Assurance CRM online learning Full Day 30/12/2021 1.00
026. IML Ropework and Fixed Equipment 28/11/2021 1.00
008. Technical Advisors Workshop 27/11/2021 0.50
004. Avalanche Awareness & Transceiver Training 26/11/2021 1.00
UK Legislation Myth Busting Session 18/05/2021 0.50
Fundamentals of Tyrolean Rigging 21/11/2020 1.00
Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor 12/03/2020 3.00
19. Mental Health First Aid 01/12/2019 1.00
10. Mountain Trail Running for IMLs 30/11/2019 1.00
5. ISO 31000 Risk Management and Travel Risk Management Workshop 29/11/2019 1.00
Developing Movement Skills and Decision Making - A Gaming Approach 28/11/2019 1.00
Coaching others to coach 16/08/2019 1.00
Short Roping 14/05/2019 2.00
Geology - Mountain landscapes & rock types 18/03/2019 0.25
Geology - mountain building 06/03/2019 0.25
Teaching Leading Indoors for MIA's and trainee MIA's 30/11/2018 1.00
Self reflection - Sunday AM 11/11/2018 0.50
Trust based coaching - Sunday PM 11/11/2018 0.50
Questioning skills - Saturday AM 10/11/2018 0.50
Feedback - Saturday PM 10/11/2018 0.50
Teaching Leading on Single Pitch Crag 24/04/2018 1.00
MIC Trainee Workshop 03/02/2018 2.00
Chris Walker Trust Avalanche Workshop 26/01/2018 1.00
Northern corries workshop 05/01/2018 1.00
Working on Ben Nevis 18/12/2017 1.00
IML Hazards (Steep Ground and Water) Sunday Full Day 03/12/2017 1.00
Avalanche Awareness including the use of Transceiver, Shovel and Probe (TSP)- Saturday Full Day 02/12/2017 1.00
Climbing Wall Problem Solving 24/11/2017 1.00
​‘Keeping​ ​Dry,​ ​Staying​ ​Warm’ - Exploring the core concepts of how garments keep you warm and dry 21/11/2017 1.00
Designing the perfect day! - how to structure a multi pitch rock climbing day 07/07/2017 1.00
Gold Assessment workshop 17/06/2017 1.00
Cave rigging and rescue techniques – adding to the toolbox 15/06/2017 1.00
NNAS Tutor Award 24/05/2017 1.00
Role of the Technical Advisor 03/05/2017 0.50
Client Care - from the Himalayas to Higgar Tor 24/04/2017 0.50
Teaching Indoor Leading for Mountaineering Instructors 19/04/2017 1.00
Mountain Training - Award Scheme Assessment Course (min. 2 days in length) 13/03/2017 2.00
Mountain Training - Award Scheme Training Course 06/02/2017 2.00
Mountain Training - Award Scheme Training Course 09/01/2017 2.00
Coaching Climbing Movement 04/12/2016 1.00
The Mountain Leader, the Mountaineering Instructor and the Environment 16/11/2016 2.00
Educational body - Web based training/e-learning module 10/10/2016 0.50
Mountain Training - Award Scheme Assessment Course (min. 2 days in length) 29/08/2016 2.00
Mountain Training - Award Scheme Training Course 02/11/2015 2.00
AMI - AMI Full Member CPD 05/09/2015 1.00
The Flora and Fauna of Mountain Habitats 05/09/2015 1.00
Any - Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable People course 02/04/2015 1.00
Mountain Training - Award Scheme Training Course 27/03/2015 2.00
BMC Fundamentals of Climbing 2 26/03/2015 1.00
BMC Fundamentals of Climbing 1 25/03/2015 1.00
Mountain Training - Award Scheme Training Course 24/03/2015 2.00
Mountain Training - Award Scheme Training Course 23/03/2015 2.00
AMI - AMI Trainee Workshop 10/08/2014 0.00
AMI - AMI Trainee Workshop 09/08/2014 0.00
AMI - AMI Trainee Workshop 08/06/2014 0.00
Mountain Training - Award Scheme Training Course 27/07/2013 2.00
MTA Conference 2013 01/03/2013 2.00

My first taste of the mountains was doing Bronze DofE Award in the Black Mountains in South Wales in the 1970s. I don't mind admitting that I found it tough, and as I approached the finishing point on the Assessment expedition, I made a silent promise to myself that I really didn't need to repeat the experience. But a healthy bit of peer pressure had got me dragged into Silver. Then Gold. By then I was hooked, especially having had a taste of the ruggedness of Snowdonia in the process.
I joined the Army, and the opportunity to try rock-climbing came up. It seemed the obvious progression to me, and back then that was 'the' normal pathway into climbing and mountaineering. A variety of courses, meets run by the Army Mountaineering Association, and the opportunity to participate in expeditions to far-flung corners meant that by the time I left the Army in 2001 I had done a huge variety of mountain activities all over the UK, Europe and the world. I also completed the Summer and Winter ML awards at the start of the 1990s.
A change of career to an exclusively indoor line of work meant that I wasn't out and about as much as I once had been, but I continued to climb regularly from my new home in Yorkshire. This included some local gritstone climbing, but it was always the bigger mountains that attracted me and so I tended (and still do) to climb more in Snowdonia, the Lakes and Scotland in the winter. There were trips abroad too, of course - Norwegian ice, Mediterranean sports climbing, and Alpine mountaineering.
Now, I have made another career switch into professional mountaineering and climbing, enjoying sharing what has been my passion for over 30 years with those just starting out. Over a period of time I have qualified as both an International Mountain Leader and Winter Mountaineering & Climbing Instructor, and the openings created by those awards are now the mainstay of my work.